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    Let's Be Real, Lady Gaga Snapped On "Why Did You Do That?" From "A Star Is Born"

    A star? Gaga is the whole universe.

    If you're still wiping away tears and stanning Gaga harder than ever, chances are you saw A Star Is Born since its release last week.

    The movie is a gem, but based on your (and my) Spotify history, I think we can all agree that the soundtrack is the standout here.

    And while every song is golden, there's one in particular that everyone feels like trash for loving. Yep, I'm talkin' about the certified banger, "Why Did You Do That?" by our beloved Ally (AKA Gaga).

    If you can recall, the song appeared to make Jackson Maine (played Bradley Cooper) return to alcohol after seeing Ally lip-synch the song on SNL. It's supposed portray empty pop music, but let's be real, Gaga made a whole bop out of this one.

    And I'm not the only one who feels this way:

    Me: oh wow Ally was a sell out Also me: WHY DID YOU DO THAT DO THAT DO THAT DO THAT TO MEEE

    The song gives people the energy and rhythm they crave:

    ally: 🎶 why did you do that do that do that do that do that to me 🎶 jackson maine: what is this soulless pop trash me:

    It makes 'em wanna get out of their chairs and pop that ass she's talkin' about in the song:

    Why Did You Do That with us @ladygaga? 💃

    Not to mention the transition from "Is That Alright?" to this song takes everyone on an emotional roller coaster:

    When "Is That Alright?" transitions to "Why Did You Do That?"

    Some feel conflicted about how they should feel when it's on:

    me bopping to "Why Did You Do That?" knowing it's intended to be bad

    While others are unapologetically getting down to it together:

    Me and my friends dancing to Why Did You Do That by Lady Gaga #AStarIsBorn

    Some fans even made very bold statements about it:

    why did you do that is gaga’s best song since the artpop era

    But despite how you may feel about it, let me just reiterate that this song is a full blown hit. Gaga did THAT:

    @masoncatt I don’t know why she had to snap so hard but I’m glad she did

    This song can only hold us over so long until LG6 comes — but 'til then, I expect every grocery store, department store, nightclub, and bar to bump this bop, along with the rest of the soundtrack.