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The White Woman Who Called The Cops On Black People Having A BBQ Is Now A Hilarious Meme

#BBQBecky is back at it again.

Last month, a white woman was filmed calling the police on two black men for using a charcoal grill alongside Lake Merritt in Oakland, California.

Michelle Dione / Via

Onsayo Abram, one of the men setting up the barbecue, told SF Gate that the woman called Lake Merritt "my park" and told him, "You guys shouldn't be here, you shouldn't be doing this."

Two weeks later, Oakland residents held a large cookout in the same area and had the time of their lives.

How Black Oakland responds to a white lady calling the cops on Black folks BBQing...

And now, the woman, dubbed by some as #BBQBecky, has become the only meme that matters in this world. Here are some of the hilarious highlights:

Hello Oakland police. This is #BBQBecky. There's a black man with 10 knives in his hands looking at me and l fear for me live. He has a Gang with him to. Bring back up. #BlackTwitter #BlackLivesMatter

@jemelehill now we know who really got Rosa Parks in trouble

“Yes they said chasing waterfalls. I’m sure that’s slang for public intoxication.” #bbqbecky

Lmao who did this!? 😂😂😂 #OaklandBBQ

“They are seasoning the chicken...I repeat...they are seasoning the chicken”

When your Joannes coupon expired and now theres black people breathing your air #CookingOutWhileBlack

Bruhh they got her calling the cops on Soul Train

I knew this woman would turn into a meme 🤦🏻‍♀️😹

Who did this 😩😂😂😩😩 #BBQBecky

"Hi, I'd like to report a graduation."

There seems to be some hateration and holleration in the dancery... #BBQBecky

"Hello, we're your new neighbors" #BBQBecky

"Yes, 911? They were on the yellow brick road in a No Easing area and it costs the Emerald City millions of dollars to clean up those footprints..." #BBQBecky #HatinAssHeffa