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18 Things People From A Small Town Are Sick Of Hearing

"Never heard of it."

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1. "Where is that?"

ABC / Via

Look at a map.

2. "Haha, yea...never heard of it."

20th Television / Via

And this comes after you literally just told someone that they've "probably never heard of it."

3. "Are you near (insert big city)?"

HBO / Via

Again, maps are good things.

4. "Oh right. I think I've driven by there once before."


Or "I stopped to get gas there a long time ago."

5. "What do you even do for fun?"

Universal Pictures

We figure out a way.

6. "You must be bored ALL THE TIME?!"


False. It's only SOME of the time.

7. "I would hate to live there."

FOX / Via

We don't want you here anyway.

8. "My (insert random person) went to middle school there. Do you know her?"

Paramount Pictures

In the iconic words of Mariah Carey, "I don't know her."

9. "It must suck to have everyone all up in your business."


Well aren't YOU all up in my business too?

10. "Why would you choose to live there?"


And why do you choose to be so damn rude?

11. "You must be near the woods...or on some farm? I love nature LOL."


I'll let my pet cow know.

12. "I bet you want to leave real badly?"

LOGO / Via

It's possible that I just may like it here.

13. "Do you have a Target? What about a Walmart?"


"Applebees? McDonald's? A MALL?!"

14. "It's a super conservative area isn't it?"

Fox Searchlight / Via

People from all walks of the political spectrum live here.

15. "Do people ride on horseback? What about tractors?"

Polygon Pictures / Via

Ever heard of cars?

16. "Does it look just like (insert any movie about the countryside)?"

Bravo / Via

Life isn't usually one huge movie.

17. “So is there like only one stoplight in your town?"

Weinstein Company / Via

Usually said in an unnecessarily judgmental tone.

18. "So what's the nightlife scene like?"

Warner Bros. / Via


The next time someone questions your small town life, remind them, "there's a a lot of beauty in even the smallest of places."

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