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What Horror Movie Moment Scarred You For Life?

Leave the lights on.

Let's face it, horror movies can be fucking terrifying.


And they'll get your heart pumping like no other.

Miramax Films

If you didn't have high blood pressure before, you do now.

Despite having survived hundreds of horrifying scenes, there is always ONE that has etched itself into your brain for life.

Warner Bros.

Maybe the Insidious demon's peek-a-boo moment made you religious again.


Get the crucifix, IMMEDIATELY.

Or the alien in Signs made you deathly afraid of birthday parties.

Buena Vista Pictures

Perhaps you stopped playing with dolls after this clown developed a killer personality.


Ghosts are real, too real.

Or you avoided clowns all together because we all know they can't be trusted.

Lorimar Productions

Never take a balloon from a gutter clown.

We'd love to hear about what fuels YOUR nightmares. What horror movie moment scared you the most? Let us know in the comments below!

New Line Cinema

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