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We Tried A Hot Cheetos Pizza And, Honestly, We'd Eat It Again

*licks fingertips*

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Pablo tasted it first, and he thought that the pizza overpowered the Hot Cheetos a bit, but fell in love with, proposed to, and then married the after-taste.

Pablo's thoughts: I love Hot Cheetos and I love pizza, so this was the marriage I never knew I needed in my life. Even though it took a while for the flamin' hot taste to hit me, I absolutely fell in love when it did. I think infusing Hot Cheetos into anything is a super-fun idea, and this satisfies me more than any of my exes ever did.

Casey thought the pizza was pretty damn tasty, but that’s mostly because the actual Hot Cheetos seemed to have absorbed some of the oil, which resulted in an oddly addictive and chewy crunch.

Casey's thoughts: Was it the best pizza I've ever had? No, I mean, it's freakin' Hot Cheetos pizza — of course it's not going to be the best. But, for someone who seriously loves Hot Cheetos, it was pretty good. All I know is that I'm going to start decorating my frozen pizzas with some HCs because, duh.