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15 Ways To Piss Off Every Chipotle Employee

Don't call it "bico de glabo."

1. Pretend like the trash can isn't RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.

2. Identify things in the worst way possible.

3. Expect the employee to read your damn mind.

4. Be unnecessarily rude and then cause a scene.

5. Abruptly begin listing your order.

6. Be creepy.

7. Lean over the sneeze guard like it isn't there for a reason.

8. Never listen.

9. Make a big-ass mess.

10. Act like you work there.

11. Create ~fun~ new nicknames for the toppings.

12. Play the saddest game of back and forth.

13. Predict your entire future in the bathroom.

14. Act like three equals two.

15. Waltz in two seconds before they lock the doors.