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    19 Pictures That Prove Voice-To-Text Is Never, Ever Your Friend

    It's been ruining relationships since the day it was created.

    1. This dad who will hear about this for the rest of his life:

    2. This person who is probably single now:

    3. This person who encountered a spider mid-text:

    4. This person who totally wanted her car to get some action:

    5. This grandpa who gave some interesting advice:

    6. This person who got REAL close to giving her mom a panic attack:

    7. This person who couldn't resist a nice pup:

    8. This person who invented this summer's hot new festival:

    9. This person who is still at war with their phone:

    u/The-Casual-Flamingo / Via

    10. This person who just leaked their Starbucks order:

    when Sam uses voice to text and forgets to send the text before ordering Starbucks

    11. This grandma who shouldn't have explained herself at all:

    12. This grandpa who sent the message, so I'm proud of him:

    13. This person who hadn't mastered the feature:

    14. This person who probably won't find what she's looking for in the paint section:

    15. This mom who created a phrase we should all adopt:

    Of all the voice-to-text typos from Mom, this has to be my favorite:

    Twitter: @DawnMBennettVA

    16. This person who, frankly, sent an appropriate text:

    When you use voice to text to tell @TheTrueVanguard to call you after work πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜£

    Twitter: @GirlOnAHippo

    17. This mom who will never forgive herself:

    18. This person who's got too much poop to handle:

    amysmklight / Via

    19. And finally, this person who didn't want voice-to-text to begin with:

    Trying to record a musical idea and then realizing you pressed voice-to-text instead of audio πŸ˜‚πŸŽ™

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