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15 Reasons Selena Quintanilla Is An Inspiration To Us All

¡Viva la Reina!

We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how Selena Quintanilla has inspired them. These were the heartwarming responses.

The Cannery / Via

1. "Selena showed me how beautiful it is to be a Mexican-American and to be proud of it."


"Not only did she capture the hearts of the Latino community, but of every race. She was so beautiful and performed through her heart. She is forever an inspiration!"

Submitted by Monica Nevare, Facebook

2. "She was magical and taught me you didn’t have to be stick-thin to be beautiful."

Univision / Via

"She wasn't afraid to be herself. She was/is a role model to women everywhere."

Submitted by rinac40269ad0b

3. "Before her, there were no young Mexican-American icons to look up to. She was beautiful, talented, humble, and kind."

Agree / Via

"We saw ourselves in her in a way and when that was taken away so suddenly, we lost a part of ourselves as well. She was the true epitome of a strong Mexican-American woman and I think that really helped shape so many of us growing up. We knew that we were worthwhile as well and could do more than what society saw us as."

Submitted by April Servante, Facebook

4. "Growing up...while everyone else in my neighborhood listened to Britney and Christina and [aspired] to be them one day, I always dreamed of becoming Selena."

Estrella TV / Via

"Selena was my idol! She still is. She's truly an inspiration. She makes me want to be a better person. She's been such a tremendous part of my life and I'll always be grateful for the positive influence she's given me."

Submitted by miliana

5. "Selena was the reason I learned Spanish!"


"The Hispanic culture just seemed so awesome through her."

Submitted by coffeeowl7

6. "She taught me to follow your dreams no matter how rough the road leading to them could be, as long as you achieve them."

EMI Music

"Never give up on them because they can come true. I just wish her's weren't cut short."

Submitted by vater

7. "Selena was the first artist whose songs I memorized as a child. There are videos of baby me in diapers singing her cover of 'I Will Survive' and 'Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.'"

Televisa / Via

"She will always be an idol and inspiration to me since she was so kind-hearted, beautiful, and TEXAN!!!"

Submitted by Kara Pulido, Facebook

8. "As I've grown up she has inspired me to live life to the fullest."


"Although she died at such a young age, she lived her life like no one was watching. She did what she wanted and didn't care what the public thought. Her music will continue to influence many people and not a day goes by that I don't listen to one of her songs. She is a LEGEND and a huge inspiration for many."

Submitted by viid1994

9. "When I see makeup and clothes I think if Selena would wear it. And if she would I know that I can rock that look too. I will never stop trying to be as amazing as she was."

Tiempo Tejano / Via

"And I still cry to this day. I miss her. But I choose to celebrate her life. Not to mourn it. She still brings smiles to people's faces but more importantly she still gets that dance floor full and will always have everyone from young girls to little old ladies belting her songs!"

Submitted by Santos Teresa Trejo, Facebook

10. "Selena showed me that following your dreams is always number one."

CBS / Via

"Now, I remember her as a sweet wonderful woman taken from us too soon. 'Dreaming of You' and 'I Could Fall in Love' will always be my number one love songs."

Submitted by Megan Jeannette Morgan, Facebook

11. "She is the reason why I am the way I am today. She taught me even more Spanish, how to dance, and so much more."

EMI Music

"She is everything to me and to so many people. It's really amazing how she was an excellent role model to me despite the fact that she was already gone."

Submitted by verosanchez510

12. "’I'm half-black, half-Mexican and...Selena helped me connect with the Mexican side of my family."


"I absolutely fell in love with her. She was my first favorite artist. Her music also helped me discover my singing and performing talent. Selena is and always will be my role model."

Submitted by The Queen of Curls

13. "I told my mom I wanted to learn Spanish at 7 years old so I could understand her songs."

Acafest / Via

"I still listen to her music — Selena para siempre!"

Submitted by rachelj4370a3306

14. "I remember my mom playing her music when she was cooking and my sisters and I dancing along, arguing over who looked like her the most."

EMI Music / Via

"She was a huge connection to our Latino roots as my family and I figured out our place in American life. As an unapologetic feminist Latina, I am proud of her impact on the Tejano music world. I'm happy to see that we continue to honor her after all these years."

Submitted by BlancaCasablancas

15. "Being Latina but not fluent in Spanish (like Selena)...motivated me to learn the language..."


"...especially so I could make sure I was singing all of her songs correctly! It's great to have such an amazing, positive, Latina role model."

Submitted by kthewire

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