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    28 Work Places That Are Apparently Trying To Kill Their Employees

    If your job requires you to crawl into a wood chipper, you're braver than I am.

    1. This building that wants you to burn alive:

    2. This fire extinguisher that's nearly older than me:

    3. This container that will kick off its own pandemic:

    4. This plank that might kill you before you even clock in:

    5. This phone that said, "Not my problem":

    6. This walk-in freezer that will preserve your body when you get stuck inside of it:

    7. This eye wash station that will blind you before the chemicals do:

    8. This situation that gives new meaning to "hit the nail on the head":

    9. This thermostat that comes with its own warnings:

    10. This drinking fountain that thinks it's fun to play with electricity:

    11. This "heater":

    12. These two people who were apparently practicing for the circus, no safety net included:

    13. This properly placed smoking area:

    14. This building that wants you to figure it out on your own:

    15. This person who was willing to risk it all:

    16. This door that just needs some getting used to:

    17. This grate that will allow you to gamble with your life:

    18. This emergency shut off that is playing hide-and-go-seek:

    19. This light switch that leaks:

    20. This lab first aid kit that's likely been there since the '50s:

    21. This defibrillator that's super accessible:

    22. This dryer that is gasping for air at this point:

    23. This guy who was likely doing the right thing, but at what cost?

    24. This door stopper that would certainly stop you in your tracks:

    25. This taped-on plug, along with the power strips of death that it leads to:

    26. This heater that has got arson on the mind:

    27. This fire alarm that doesn't want to be bothered:

    28. And finally, this shelf that seems a little too within reach:

    H/T: r/OSHA