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    18 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Laziness

    Can you even make it through this entire post?

    1. When you can't be bothered to use your laptop on your actual lap:

    2. When you make the mistake of getting into bed too soon:

    3. When making food involves, well, "making":

    4. When you forget that you actually have a closet:

    5. When the cons of exercise outweigh its pros:

    6. When you'd rather break your arm than make two trips:

    7. When you move onto a new device instead of plugging the dead one in:

    8. When you're forced to watch one channel because the remote is a galaxy away:

    9. When you spend more time in a towel than you do actual clothes:

    10. When shaving just one leg is achievement enough:

    11. When you trust an app more than you do your actual eyes:

    12. When you need something from a person in the next room:

    13. When you have an internal struggle between your boredom and your laziness:

    14. When being woken up is truly insulting to you:

    15. When Netflix concerns itself over your well-being:

    16. When you become borderline innovative:

    17. When you can't be bothered to remove your makeup:

    18. And finally, when your laziness becomes deadly: