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    18 Times Squidward Perfectly Captured The Dating Struggle

    He just gets it.

    1. When you expected them to look just like their Tinder picture...

    ...but then quickly realize they're not who they said they were:

    2. When the first date is already going south:

    3. And you realize that this date wasn't worth putting on pants for:

    4. When they start talking about their ex:

    5. When it's been a week since they last texted you:

    6. When your date wants to put a move on you:

    7. When you remember every embarrassing thing you have ever said to your crush:

    8. When they're so hot that you forget how to act like a normal human being:

    9. When you've been dating for months and they still refer to it as "hanging out:"

    10. When you see someone who ghosted you out in public:

    11. When you're dropping hints that you're single:

    12. When you furiously scroll through a crush's entire Instagram profile...

    13. ...and then accidentally like a photo that is 68 weeks old:

    14. When you get set-up with someone you have absolutely no chemistry with:

    15. When someone promising goes and breaks your heart...

    16. ...and you swear off dating forever:

    17. And just when you think you'll be single forever...

    18.'ll find yourself catching feelings for someone else all over again: