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    17 Things That Are Way Too Real For People Who Grew Up Speaking Spanish

    Chisme sounds so much better in Spanish.

    1. Sometimes things would simply get lost in translation...

    2. ...and so you had to become the translator for anyone and everyone.

    3. If your friends ever found out you spoke Spanish, they would never leave you the fuck alone about it.

    4. Or they tried to show you how "well" they knew it too.

    5. You survived years of ESL because teachers assumed you didn't know English.

    6. But you often found yourself mixing that English with Spanish anyway to get your point across.

    7. You were far more familiar with Spanish music just because your parents refused to listen to anything else.

    8. And you questioned whether every voice was the same on all the dubbed movies they'd watch on Telefutura.

    9. You weren't afraid to talk shit about a person right in front of them if they didn't know Spanish.

    10. And you didn't care if they felt "excluded."

    11. You'd also throw out a "¿Qué dijiste?" in case some shit-talker didn't think you knew Spanish.

    12. You tried to get away with saying bad things in English thinking your parents wouldn't understand...

    13. ...even though some things are better left said in Spanish.

    14. You had a hard time understanding someone who spoke Spanish in a different way or used words you didn't even know existed.

    15. But you nonetheless found camaraderie in other people who spoke Spanish when no one else around you did.

    16. Your parents were afraid you'd forget your Spanish...

    17. ...but that'll never happen, because it's the language that will always remind you of home.