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    Feb 15, 2016

    23 Things You'll Definitely Find In Every Mexican Household

    Hoarders: Recuerdos edition.

    1. Velas that defended your family against Satan AND helped you win $2 on a scratcher:

    2. A single chancla that never really belonged to anyone:

    Twitter: @E205Krigdaddy

    You know what it was for.

    3. These better alternatives to Pine-Sol and Downy:

    4. A tortilla warmer that your parents have had since dinosaurs roamed the Earth:

    livisolovely_22 / Via

    It was also probably made of styrofoam.

    5. And a comal that never seemed to ever leave the stove:

    Twitter: @encarrasco

    You never know when you need to warm something up!

    6. This painting that mysteriously ended up in your living room:

    Via Twitter: @DroSkeetSkeet

    Who is she anyway? Where do you even get this? Why?

    7. A San Marcos blanket that kept you warmer than any cuddle buddy ever could:

    Twitter: @itzelbaabyy1

    Truly animalistic.

    8. A Last Supper painting that reminded you of how often you forgot to say grace:

    Twitter: @MannyGomez24

    "Ay que rezar."

    *Has half an enchilada in mouth*

    9. And this picture of Jesus that looked straight into your sinful soul:

    Twitter: @saavedraR_

    🎶 He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake 🎶

    10. Mixed CDs from the tianguis which usually had interesting cover art:

    Twitter: @MaChBeatriz

    Nine times out of 10 it was a bikini-clad woman.

    11. A Lotería set accompanied by a handful of uncooked beans:

    Twitter: @yassmino_

    Beans are so versatile.

    12. This doctor-in-a-bottle:

    Twitter: @lyssaescobar

    Got a third degree burn? Échate Vicks.

    13. A bottle of Tapatío that you needed each time you ate popcorn...

    14. ...or just one family-sized bottle of Valentina:

    Twitter: @c_hoop54

    Which side do you fall on?

    15. Old recuerdos from one of the 4,000,000 quinces and bodas you've attended:

    16. This glass case that never seemed to run out of pan dulce:

    Twitter: @YaBoy_GonZ

    Look at it just sittin' there, teasing you.

    17. And a concha that probably had its top eaten off:

    Twitter: @gabita009

    Monsters live among us.

    18. This lil' magic bottle that made your parent's rice game unbeatable:

    Twitter: @cudikaat

    You know the difference between bland ass rice and good rice.

    19. A cabinet filled with these bowls:

    Twitter: @jhernandez132

    For cereal AND pozole.

    20. A butter container that was home to some bomb homemade salsa:

    Twitter: @sallydatgirrl

    I can't believe it's not butter...'cause it's not.

    21. A bottle of Tajín that made healthy eating much more tolerable:

    Twitter: @XiniaCH

    Jicama has has no purpose in life otherwise.

    22. This exact cookie tin that NEVER HAD COOKIES:

    Twitter: @totallynotalize

    Who ate 'em anyway?!

    23. And last but not least, a wonderful, loving family:

    mexyogi / Via

    You make life sweeter than any concha ever could.

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