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    17 Things That Will Always Frighten Every Catholic

    Not all evil is visible.

    1. When you were taught that there is evil in the world...

    catholicstudentspage / Umberto S / Via

    2. ...and so you avoided things like Ouija boards...

    3. ...then eventually just began to question everything.

    4. When your mom's wrath shook your core the moment you decided to speak or sleep during mass.

    5. When you didn't know whether to open your mouth or your hands for the Eucharist...

    John Ragai / CC / Via Flickr: johnragai

    6. ...and then made absolutely sure it would never get the chance to hit the ground.

    7. When you were afraid the priest would judge you during confession, so you held back.

    8. And when you didn't want to know what would happen if you skipped it altogether.

    9. When you had your sins in check so you wouldn't risk burning in Hell for eternity.

    10. When you lost your parents on the walk back from communion.

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @GLongnecker

    11. When the collection basket came and you had nothing to contribute.

    12. When you accidentally ate meat on a Friday during Lent and were afraid your mom would find out:

    Paramount Pictures / Via Twitter: @Cmarczynski

    13. When you were afraid there'd be no pews left before an Easter or Christmas Mass.

    14. When you went to shake someone’s hand during the Sign of Peace, got ignored, and had to live with the embarrassment.

    #growingupcatholic me trying to shake hands in church

    15. Or when you were forced to touch someone else's gross, wet hand.

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @churchhipster

    16. When you attended a different church's service and felt like a fish out of water.

    Nickelodeon / Via Twitter: @FutureIrishNun

    17. And finally, when all it took was one sprinkle of this to take all your fears away.

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