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    17 Unspeakable Things People Do That Piss Off Janitors And Custodians

    I shouldn't have to say this, but don't smear poop on walls.

    Custodians and janitors are the backbone of any institution, but oftentimes have to deal with very entitled humans for little-to-no appreciation and low pay.


    So if you want to be a decent human being and make the lives of these hardworking employees a bit easier, don't do ANY of the things listed below:

    1. Don't chuck your trash at the bin like it's a basketball game, miss, and then go about your day:

    2. Urinals aren't a trash can, so stop spitting your gum into them:

    3. Same goes with toilets. If it won't flush, stop sticking stuff in there:

    4. Especially when the toilet has already been used. GUESS WHO'S GOTTA GO DIGGING FOR THAT PEE-SOAKED TOILET PAPER ROLL NOW:

    @sjcijanitor1 #janitorproblems people are stupid!!

    Twitter: @manwithatan13

    5. Oh, and please don't take a dump in a urinal either. The fact that this happens often is just disturbing:

    6. Stop relying on someone else to handle YOUR mess:

    7. Leave any space like it was before you got there, because it's not like the crap you leave behind will just magically disappear on its own:

    8. If you drop something and are able to clean it up yourself, DO SO:

    9. Stop peeing all over the toilet seat and leaving it. It's not fun for the next person who has to use it, or the custodian who has to wipe your piss off:

    10. It goes without saying that smearing feces on the wall isn't cool at all:

    "Someone thought it was a good idea to remove soap + stuff in toilets, unroll the paper + smear poop on stall doors. When I finally unstopped toilets and got everything cleaned, decided to leave closed."

    11. If you have a choice between stacking your trash up like you're playing Tetris or dumping it into an emptier one, always pick the emptier one:

    12. A public bathroom isn't your canvas:

    13. If you're gonna flush a toilet using your foot, don't go scuffing up the wall because someone has to scrub that off:

    14. Creating a pool of liquid in an empty trash can is just demonic, TBH:

    15. Pranks that make a mess, like this stupid door/trash prank, are inconsiderate as hell:

    16. Basically, just stop trashing places and expecting other people to do the dirty work:

    hey @ anyone who steps foot into a public restroom: don't sincerely, exhausted janitor who doesnt get paid enough to put up with your bs

    Twitter: @lichnasty

    17. It's not considerate to them, makes their life harder, and just makes you look vile. Do better, folks:

    Why is this at the entrance of where i live bro lol who left this. The person that gotta clean this don’t even get paid enough to clean it lmao at least throw it on yo ex car or sum lmao janitor ain’t did y’all nun

    Twitter: @rodericktay1or

    H/T: r/MildlyInfuriating