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24 Things People From California's Central Valley Know To Be True

Livin' that valley life.

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1. Outsiders often think you're living that ~Hollywood~ life...

So true! #CentralValleyProblems

2. ...while other Californians seem to think the Central Valley is a fictional place.

Person from So Cal: "So it's in Nor Cal?"Person from Nor Cal: "So it's in So Cal?"
Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed

Person from So Cal: "So it's in Nor Cal?"

Person from Nor Cal: "So it's in So Cal?"

3. The closest thing to snow is the two-inch frost on your windshield in the winter...

You've probably spent years of your life scraping ice off your car.

4. ...while the summer is virtually unlivable. 😓

And if you don't have an AC, God help you.

5. The weather always finds a way to personally attack you.

Dust bowl 2k15.

6. Driving behind a farm vehicle is an acceptable excuse for being late to work...

We have our own kind of traffic #centralvalley #California #tractor #traffic

7. ...and it doesn't help that some highways are only two whole lanes. 😩

L.A. doesn't know this true traffic struggle.

8. You've gotten used to navigating your car with just 10 feet of visibility.

And you pray that you don't die each time you go out in the fog.

9. The air quality and your lungs just don't seem to get along most of the time...

10. ...and you discover allergies you never knew you had.


11. You have to travel all the way to Fresno or Bakersfield just to see your favorite artists perform.

And that's if they even come to the valley at all.

12. People often hang and drink with their crew at the lake or river...

13. ...but that's been extra hard to do these days for obvious reasons.

The drought is very real.

14. When that can't be done, the casino is the next best alternative.

15. Your commute often consists of miles upon miles of flat land or crops...

16. ...but you at least get the added benefit of having some delicious local produce.

#centralValley grown .....#californiaGrown my new fav snack

Straight from the vine!

17. You're super grateful that gas doesn't cost you an entire month's paycheck.


18. You've built a tolerance to the deadly smell of cow 💩.

couple of cows... 🐄🐄🐄 #California #CentralValley

19. You've accepted horses as your road companions...

20. well as hoards of lifted trucks.

Sup bro.

21. You've memorized this ad and wonder if this guy is even a real person.

That HAIR!

22. You see these two as the valley's biggest celebs.

And you probably watch them as you get ready for work or school.

23. You recognize the Grapevine as both a vicious, yet beautiful beast separating you from the rest of the world.

Snow on the Grapevine is the ultimate life challenge.

24. And even though it may have its struggles, you have to admit, the valley is actually a beautiful place all its own.

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