19 Struggles That Are Too Real For People Without Air Conditioning

    The trick to beating the heat is you can't.

    1. When you're convinced that your home is actually an oven because it's hotter inside than it is outside.

    2. When you'd rather get pruney instead of being in your room for more than five seconds.

    3. And then immediately sweat profusely as soon as you step out of the shower.

    4. When you're just unreasonably irritable, ALL THE DAMN TIME.

    5. When you forget what real clothes are because you spend the majority of your day half (or completely) naked.

    6. When you purposefully leave your home for someplace cooler and wish you never had to return.

    7. When you gather every fan in the house in the hopes of replicating an air conditioner.

    8. When you break a sweat just by laying in bed.

    9. And then can't fall asleep because you're far too wet to do so.

    10. When you become a pseudoscientist and experiment with different ways to get your cool on.

    11. When a cold beverage becomes both a drink and icepack.

    12. When you'll use anything to keep the sun from making things worse.

    13. When you wish you could just live in your fridge for the rest of the summer.

    14. When you're too embarrassed to invite any friends over because you don't want them to experience your pain.

    15. When you begin to sweat in places you've never sweated in before.

    16. When you'd rather be single than have to cuddle with your S.O.

    17. When even your pets wished they had owners who had air conditioning.

    18. When you've gotten so used to sleeping with a fan on that you NEED one on year-round.

    19. When you find yourself sleeping in the strangest places for the sake of keeping cool.

    On the bright side, no matter how hot it gets, you can always use the heat as an excuse to bring out your cool robot voice.