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    17 Signs That You're Not Just Any Child, You're The Middle Child

    The forgotten child: A saga

    1. You wake up one random morning and realize your life will never be the same again.

    2. Because as soon as your new sibling enters the world, your birthday then becomes a literal footnote...

    3. ...or a VHS copy of Ghostbusters 2.

    4. You often feel like you're being unfairly phased out.

    5. So you try your best to get your beautiful face seen. 👀

    6. Even if it means doing a little cutting and pasting.

    7. You discover new things everyday that make you say "ugh, typical."

    8. Sometimes your accomplishments get overshadowed by someone else's.

    9. Which means you'll do anything it takes to get the attention you so rightfully deserve.

    TheEscapeArtist / Via

    10. Maybe you've gotten left behind once or a dozen times.

    11. And if you haven't, your seat might not always be ideal.

    12. A family member has probably forgotten how to spell your name.

    13. Or they just forgo spelling your name altogether.

    14. Your room has become something other than YOUR bedroom.

    15. Which only means that your sibling's rooms are undoubtedly 100 times better.

    16. Though you often feel misunderstood...

    17. ...but that's only because the middle child is far better than anybody else.


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