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If You're Afraid Of 15/23 Of These Things Then Congrats, You're A Human

Not today Satan!

1. Falling through a grate on the sidewalk and falling to god only knows where.

lisaallenonair / Via

2. Getting stuck under a tunnel during an earthquake and being crushed to death.


3. Putting your shoes on only to discover that a spider has made it its home.

__hrab__ / Via

4. Driving behind a semi carrying poorly secured logs that then go flying at your car.

New Line Cinema

5. Having a stranger lurk in your back seat as you drive.

Screen Gems

6. Having your computer overheat on it's own and burning your home down to the ground.

Channel 4

7. Or leaving the stove on and letting it finish the job.

ABC / Via

8. Having a bug crawl into your ear while you sleep and laying eggs in your brain.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

9. Choking on food when you're home alone and no one finding your dead body for days.


10. Having a rat or snake crawl up the sewers pipes, into your toilet, and onto your bare ass.

ohheylalaz / Via

11. Having your car break down in the middle of nowhere with zero cell phone signal.

Artisan Entertainment

12. Hiking on some remote cliff, falling down the side, and never being found again.

Warner Bros.

13. Having someone break in through your bedroom window and attacking you.


14. Being trapped in an elevator and then plunging to your death.

20th Century Fox

15. Having a stranger standing over you while you sleep, just watching and waiting.

Paramount Pictures

16. Getting your shoelace caught on an escalator and being dragged down with it.

New Line Cinema

17. Coming home and fearing that an intruder is hiding somewhere.


18. Having someone accidentally open the emergency exit of an airplane and getting sucked out.

New Line Cinema

19. Driving across a bridge and having it crumble beneath you.

Warner Bros.

20. Having the store alarm go off even though you didn't steal anything.


21. Having your leg dangle off the bed and getting grabbed by whoever (or whatever) is underneath.


22. Holding a newborn baby and accidentally dropping it.


23. And finally, fearing that someone is always watching you through your laptop's camera.