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    17 Coworkers Who Should Stay Remote For Everyone Else's Sake

    Some of y'all just need to stay home.

    1. This coworker who needs to read the room:

    2. This coworker who is the very person the CDC warned you about:

    3. This coworker who hopefully stepped in his own dog's poop:

    4. This coworker who is probably immune to every disease on Earth:

    5. These coworkers who are just plain awful:

    6. These coworkers who don't seem to understand what the word "cooler" means:

    7. This coworker who has wayyyyy too much time on their hands:

    8. These coworkers who created a cigarette island: 

    9. This coworker who ruined perfectly good tape:

    10. This coworker who thinks this is what a phone cord should look like:

    11. This coworker who should have had the trash moved to his desk:

    12. This coworker who apparently has never opened a bread bag in their life:

    13. This coworker who thinks they're at home and can do whatever the hell they want:

    14. This coworker who is a total monster:

    15. These coworkers who probably say, "I don't get paid to do this":

    16. This coworker who hopefully lost all stapler privileges: 

    17. And finally, these coworkers who switched the keys around on someone else's keyboard 'cause they suck:

    H/T r/MildlyInfuriating and r/Trashy