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    Posted on Oct 6, 2015

    11 Cookie Lyon Greeting Cards For Every Occasion

    "Shut up, Dora!"

    1. When someone can't stay in their lane:

    FOX / Thinkstock / Pablo Valdivia for BuzzFeed

    2. When you're feeling extra generous:

    Pablo Valdivia for BuzzFeed / Thinkstock

    3. When your enemy tries it:

    Pablo Valdivia for BuzzFeed / Thinkstock / FOX

    4. When you've got an ultimatum:

    FOX / Thinkstock / Pablo Valdivia

    5. When someone gives an opinion that you weren't asking for:

    Pablo Valdivia for BuzzFeed / Nickelodeon / Thinkstock

    6. When you want someone else to do your dirty work:

    FOX / Thinkstock / Pablo Valdivia for BuzzFeed

    7. When you're feeling spiritual but unforgiving:

    Pablo Valdivia / Thinkstock

    8. When someone pretends to be something they're not:

    Jason Kempin / Getty Images / FOX / Thinkstock / Pablo Valdivia

    9. When you've got somebody's back, no matter what:

    Thinkstock / Pablo Valdivia

    10. When you wanna hear someone out before going off on them:

    Thinkstock / Pablo Valdivia

    11. And finally, when you want to leave your mark wherever you go:

    Kostsov / Getty Images

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