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21 Spots In L.A. That Are Perfect For Date Night

Even the cemeteries are romantic.

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community for the best place to take a date in Los Angeles. Here are the romantic results.

1. Cinespia at Hollywood Forever Cemetary

Neighborhood: Hollywood

What to do: A cemetery never felt this romantic. This is an open-air event in which you can bring a blanket and cuddle up on the Fairbanks lawn with your loved one while watching a classic film. Upcoming screenings here.

Submitted by sarahb44c9f173a

2. Exposition Rose Garden

Neighborhood: South Central/USC

What to do: Known as "one of the city's best-kept secrets," the garden, which is located within the larger Exposition Park, is the perfect place for those seeking a colorful oasis hidden within the bustling city. The park itself also houses the California Science Center, Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, as well as other great attractions.

Submitted by Nenna Olumba, Facebook

3. Dockweiler State Beach

Neighborhood: West L.A.

What to do: This scenic beach is the cure to all the anxiety that Santa Monica's beach has given you over the years. You can pack a nice lunch and sit in the picnic area with your boo or start a bonfire in one of the many fire pits to get things heated quickly.

Submitted by Charmian Reynoldson, Facebook

4. Inn of the Seventh Ray

Neighborhood: Topanga

What to do: The inn is elegance meets Disney fairy tale. The restaurant's romantic setup fosters nothing but pure love. The glow of candlelight mixed with the sound of a nearby creek will get that spark going.

Submitted by Kellen Dempsey, Facebook

5. Griffith Observatory

Neighborhood: Griffith Park

What to do: This date spot is out of this world, literally. OK, maybe not literally, but it'll sure make it seem that way. With high-power telescopes and incredible views of Los Angeles, you'll have your date falling for you in no time.

Submitted by whitneyh49ca691ff

6. Malibu Creek State Park

Neighborhood: Malibu

What to do: For those couples who crave the outdoors, this park "features hiking, fishing, bird watching and horseback riding opportunities." There's nothing more romantic than traveling by horseback near a creek.

Submitted by Ava Serene Portman, Facebook

7. M Street Kitchen

Neighborhood: Santa Monica

What to do: When your date's got that bohemian vibe going on, then this is the place to be. There's wood paneling, shelves full of wine, and an extensive menu (including pulled chicken nachos, yum).

Submitted by Matt Manarchy, Facebook

8. Cicada Club

Neighborhood: Downtown

What to do: This is a bar and lounge straight out of the 1920s. As a self-proclaimed vintage nightclub, this downtown fixture has both a live band and dancing on two separate floors, which are sure to liven up your date. More info here.

Submitted by Carla Schultes Mead, Facebook

9. The Getty Villa

Neighborhood: Pacific Palisades

What to do: Traveling back to the ancient world of Greece and Rome is free! This place offers views of incredible architecture, art, and gardens.

Submitted by ignaciom48de4ceea

10. The Santa Monica Mountains

Neighborhood: Malibu

What to do: For that hiking enthusiast in your life, there are dozens of trails in the Santa Monica Mountains, each with its own special view. One potential spot to check out is Charmlee Wilderness Park, which offers "shady picnic areas, majestic ocean views, eight miles of hiking trails, and an amphitheater."

Submitted by Diana Duran, Facebook

11. The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Neighborhood Downtown

What to do: Show 'em your artistic side by taking them to one of the best museums L.A.'s got to offer. Who knows, maybe one installation will get an entire convo going for you two.

Submitted by dawisa

12. The Culver Hotel

Neighborhood: Culver City

What to do: This bar and restaurant is known for its live musical acts consisting of up-and-coming performers from the L.A. area. Whether the night calls for "a piano bar" or "a jazzy supper club," this place is sure to take your date to the next level.

Submitted by rachelb4c2be6d14

13. Diddy Riese

Neighborhood: Westwood

What to do: These legendary ice cream sandwiches will no doubt impress that special someone. All of their cookies are made in-house and vary in flavors, from White Chocolate Macadamia Nut to Sugar Cinnamon.

Submitted by alexxzinik

14. Gladstone's Malibu

Neighborhood: Malibu

What to do: Sample some seafood, which is fresh (it's on the ocean after all!) and take in that sweet view.

Submitted by lindseyc435348794

15. Philippe The Original

Neighborhood: Downtown

What to do: This place was founded by Philippe Mathieu, "who claimed the distinction of having created the 'French Dipped Sandwich.'" It's the OG sandwich shop with that vintage vibe.

Submitted by tylers41cf55c44

16. Walt Disney Concert Hall

Neighborhood: Downtown

What to do: This place is an architectural beauty. Inside, you and your date can take in some incredible sounds from some of the world's best musicians. Upcoming performances here.

Submitted by Adam Zane Cook, Facebook

17. Hugo's Restaurant

Neighborhoods: West Hollywood, Agoura Hills, Studio City

What to do: For those who are vegan or going on a date with one, Hugo's offers an extensive menu offering an incredible amount of choices, from vegan mac and cheese to kale tacos.

Submitted by Candice Darden

18. Observation Deck at City Hall

Neighborhood: Downtown

What to do: Aside from being a neat building all its own, the 27th floor of City Hall has an open observation deck with INCREDIBLE views of Los Angeles.

Submitted by alem479685410

19. Bergamot Station

Neighborhood: Santa Monica

What to do: For those looking for more of a low-key art scene, this former trolley station will have you and your S.O. feelin' like true underground artists.

Submitted by dawisa

20. La Brea Tar Pits

Neighborhood: Mid-City

What to do: At first sight, this may not seem like much of anything. In reality, this place grants you and your date the opportunity to travel back tens of thousands of years by displaying what animal life was like based on various tar pit discoveries.

Submitted by adrianfrankr

21. The Last Bookstore

Neighborhood: Downtown

What to do: Being surrounded by literature is probably one of the best dates you'll ever experience. Flavorwire named this one of the “20 Most Beautiful Bookstores in the World,” and it's worth taking an afternoon one day to sift through their collection with that special someone.

Submitted by Nia Alavezos

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