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28 Photos That Perfectly Describe Every Quinceañera

You only turn 15 once.

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1. When the quinceañera wore a beautiful dress that could probably be seen from space.

2. When the decorations resembled that of a small royal wedding.

3. When there were more balloons than there were people at the party.

4. When the quinceañera's court rode in a huge stretch limo for the whole five minute commute to the venue...

5. ...but not before they stopped at the mall or some restaurant so they could be ~seen~.

6. When curls and hairspray dominated the night.

7. When chambelanes were wondering what they did to deserve this.

8. When the quinceañera was forced to take photos EVERYWHERE...

9. ...from the park near her house...

10. a random fountain.

11. Speaking of fountains, of course the cake had to have one.

12. When the videographer made the quinceañera feel like she was the star of her own reality show.

13. When even the youngest primos looked on point.

14. When the quinceañera took over the church while she was photographed with every madrina, padrino, and priest in the room.

15. When everyone ate the same plate full of birria, beans, a side salad, and tortillas.

16. When each dama and chambelan feared ruining the "waltz portion" of the night...

17. ...and then got DOWN for the baile sorpresa.

18. When the quinceañera sat there awkwardly as her dad tried his best to change her high heel shoes.

19. When the fog machine made visibility non-existent...

20. ...and the neon lights only made it ten times worse.

21. When everyone saw the quinceañera's dad cry for the first time ever during the father/daughter dance.

22. When the quinceañera's primas were over it.

23. And the tías discussed how much better their own daughter's quince will be.

24. When all the quinceañera's friends got buck wild after the DJ switched to hip-hop.

25. When the quinceañera waltzed with family for what seemed like six hours.

26. When every family took home a recuerdo or four.

27. When everyone's mom left the party with a huge flower centerpiece in hand.

28. And finally, when the photos finally came back and became a permanent part of the living room decor for decades to come.

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