21 Struggles Of Being "The Broke One" In Your Friend Group

    I'll have the water, thanks.

    1. When you're continually made fun of for having a cell phone that's older than everybody else's.

    2. When you have to endure hours of window shopping while your friends are doing actual shopping.

    3. When no one takes your recommendation to have dinner at Taco Bell seriously.

    4. And then your friends go ahead and make dinner plans at a place that has more than one dollar sign on Yelp.

    5. When your friends agree to split a bill evenly and you all you ordered was a side salad.

    6. When you have to micro-analyze your waiter's behavior to determine the perfect tip amount.

    7. When you try to convince your friends that the club with no cover IS in fact more fun.

    8. When you're unwillingly assigned as the designated driver but no one ever bothers to pitch in for gas.

    9. When any birthday party invitation means you have to attempt to salvage your checking account to afford a present.

    10. And a new engagement only means you'll soon have a registry to deal with.

    11. When you have to deal with the embarrassment of your debit card getting declined in front of everyone.

    12. When they suggest a weekend getaway that's WAY out of your price range.

    13. When a friend asks you to spot them for drinks but you barely have enough money for yourself.

    14. When you're invited to a party and told to contribute a dish and some "good" liquor.

    15. When you have to keep making excuses until pay day as to why you can't go out.

    16. When holiday gift exchanges require you to scour every store for the cheapest gift with the most expensive aesthetic.

    17. When your friend's favorite happy hour spot is still too damn expensive.

    18. When you have to explain why your hand soap is 99% water and 1% soap to every friend that comes over.

    19. And then entertain them on your one-of-a-kind furniture pieces.

    20. When your friends constantly complain about how broke they think they are while sipping down some $25 cocktail.

    21. And then feel the need to tell you how you should budget your own money.