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21 Times Tumblr Understood What It's Like Being Queer Around Straight People

"Macklemore will hear about this."

1. When straight people buy their babies questionable clothing:

2. When they make hating their S.O. normal:

3. When they're limited to laughing with just two letters:

4. When soap is much too gay to use:

5. When they say things that leave you speechless:

6. When their sex lives are so full and lively:

7. When "bone titties" become a thing:

8. When they try to prove their allyship:

9. When you begin to hear "Thirft Shop" playing in the distance:

10. When they want a baby boy and girl to fall in love fresh out of the womb:

11. When they lack common sense:

12. When their own medicine is thrown back at 'em:

13. When their gaydar is nonexistent:

14. When they "support the gays" until...:

15. When they think every queer person is meant to be with you:

16. When you can't even breathe without being bothered:

17. When this aesthetic is too on the nose:

18. When they'll use any excuse to not queer it up:

19. When the toxic masculinity jumps out:

20. When the umbrella emoji becomes gendered:

21. And finally, when they make some random shit up: