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    Posted on Dec 22, 2017

    Taika Waititi Is Too Good For This Earth And We Don't Deserve His Tweets, But Here They Are Anyway

    "Sorry you're not me."

    1. This street-side snack:

    I love LA. You can find free sacks of half nibbled fried chicken just sitting on the pavement in broad daylight!

    2. This spooky revelation:

    When one door closes and another one opens it means you have poltergeists. Did you check if your house was built on a graveyard?

    3. This superb Cate Blanchett drag:

    One of the best things about making Thor: Ragnarok was getting to work with awesome Australian actors like Naomi Wa…

    4. This valid, kale-phobic opinion:

    I'm honestly not trying to be a smart arse, but kale has got to go.

    5. This rich bitch throwback:

    Recognise the little girl in the denim cutoffs? Well that bitch got rich and can now afford a t-shirt.

    6. This sobering realization:

    God dammit. This is a real kick in the guts.

    7. This literal fact:

    8. This...thing:

    Hey @driverminnie, remember when you invited me over for "chicken giving birth to plants"?

    9. This bun-less oven:

    10. This self love:

    11. This relatable selfie:

    12. This PSA for kids everywhere...especially Taika's:

    13. This sound advice:

    14. This incredible art piece:

    Stick insect with inflamed testicles. Collaboration between Taika Waititi & Nature, 2017.

    15. This Maury episode:

    16. This bad idea:

    This morning I ran to the top of a hill to clear my mind. My mind said "you're a fucking idiot, now we're stuck at…

    17. This Fifty Shades of Grey sequel:

    18. This early Thor: Ragnarok sneak peek:

    19. This emoji you should never send to Taika (send it):

    20. This artistic choice:

    21. This godly LOOK:

    22. This decent guess:

    I'm guessing Litigious, Literati, Lithe, or Little.

    23. This sticky rebranding:

    24. This cure for writer's block:

    25. And finally, this perfect way of celebrating:

    How do we celebrate $121 million at the US box office this weekend? Fish fingers for dinner. Thank you everyone who…

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