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    Taika Waititi Is Too Good For This Earth And We Don't Deserve His Tweets, But Here They Are Anyway

    "Sorry you're not me."

    1. This street-side snack:

    I love LA. You can find free sacks of half nibbled fried chicken just sitting on the pavement in broad daylight!

    2. This spooky revelation:

    When one door closes and another one opens it means you have poltergeists. Did you check if your house was built on a graveyard?

    3. This superb Cate Blanchett drag:

    One of the best things about making Thor: Ragnarok was getting to work with awesome Australian actors like Naomi Wa…

    4. This valid, kale-phobic opinion:

    I'm honestly not trying to be a smart arse, but kale has got to go.

    5. This rich bitch throwback:

    Recognise the little girl in the denim cutoffs? Well that bitch got rich and can now afford a t-shirt.

    6. This sobering realization:

    God dammit. This is a real kick in the guts.

    7. This literal fact:

    8. This...thing:

    Hey @driverminnie, remember when you invited me over for "chicken giving birth to plants"?

    9. This bun-less oven:

    10. This self love:

    11. This relatable selfie:

    12. This PSA for kids everywhere...especially Taika's:

    13. This sound advice:

    14. This incredible art piece:

    Stick insect with inflamed testicles. Collaboration between Taika Waititi & Nature, 2017.

    15. This Maury episode:

    16. This bad idea:

    This morning I ran to the top of a hill to clear my mind. My mind said "you're a fucking idiot, now we're stuck at…

    17. This Fifty Shades of Grey sequel:

    18. This early Thor: Ragnarok sneak peek:

    19. This emoji you should never send to Taika (send it):

    20. This artistic choice:

    21. This godly LOOK:

    22. This decent guess:

    I'm guessing Litigious, Literati, Lithe, or Little.

    23. This sticky rebranding:

    24. This cure for writer's block:

    25. And finally, this perfect way of celebrating:

    How do we celebrate $121 million at the US box office this weekend? Fish fingers for dinner. Thank you everyone who…