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    Posted on Sep 30, 2015

    16 Truths You’ll Only Understand If You Went To College In San Diego

    The chillest students in the nation.

    1. Flip-flops and shorts weren't just seasonal, they were year-round attire.

    2. California burritos and carne asada fries were largely to blame for your freshmen 15.

    3. You had the privilege of actually studying on the beach...

    4. ...or using it as an excuse to avoid studying all together.

    5. Partying always got real messy when it went down in P.B. (or Pacific Beach to everyone else.)

    6. And if you weren't 21 yet, going to TJ was an easy alternative.

    7. You didn't just settle for Bud Light because you had a refined palate when it came to beer.

    8. Taco Tuesdays weren't just a regular weekday, they were literally an event.

    9. You either took up surfing or knew someone who did.

    10. You didn't just eat potato chips, you happened to hike on one too.

    11. Your parents called you immediately each time they heard of a new wildfire.

    12. You went to Fashion Valley every time you had a "treat yo' self" moment.

    13. Despite hearing all about Comic-Con, chances are you never attended the actual convention.

    14. You never really knew people from the surrounding colleges because you were all so spread out.

    15. You were always in awe of how big and beautiful Balboa Park really was.

    16. And no matter where you go, San Diego will always occupy a special place in your heart.

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