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    It's Time We Recognize Randall Park As The Bona Fide Hottie That He Is

    Warning: Bangin' bare booty ahead.

    If you're horny for rom-coms, chances are you've already seen Ali Wong and Randall Park's new Netflix movie, Always Be My Maybe.

    And if you're horny in general, you definitely saw Randall Park's smile, arms, and ass blessing your screen and your eyes. 👀

    Which is to say, holy crap Randall Park is a whole meal and the world deserves to know it!!

    Now, you may be telling me, "Pablo, we've BEEN thirsting," and to that I say, "Good for you, Pam." Yes, Randall's carried an aura of sexy zaddy energy wherever he goes, but this movie solidified all those thirsty thoughts for me.

    And I'm not the only one who feels this way. Say hello to my partners in thirst:

    I came for Keanu Reeves and stayed for Randall Park. This movie had snacks on snacks! #AlwaysBeMyMaybe

    After watching #AlwaysBeMyMaybe I can say that I’m still in love with Randall Park, I want him to suffocate me with those arms of his 🥴😫😫

    I don’t think enough people are talking about the appearance of Randall Park’s bare ass in #AlwaysBeMyMaybe.

    And to speak to the tweet above this beat, I present to you Randall's bare ass while he drunkenly pees on an amp.

    Here it is zoomed in, for science.

    Booty aside, Randall is actually a good musician too, and all of Hello Peril's music in the film is a total ~vibe~.

    And luckily for us all, their songs are on Spotify, so close your eyes and take in the sweet, smooth sounds of Randall's voice.

    OK, now open them and look at this photo of Randall still looking cute/concerned while laying naked on a table with dead skin on his back.

    And this photo of him showing that trillion-dollar smile.

    Can't forget this one of him angrily wearing a tank top.

    Basically what I'm trying to get at here is that I want Randall to be the leading man in my life.

    He does something to me that I honestly can't even explain in words, and he just might make you feel the same way.

    But if you feel like you have a shot at him before me...