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    23 Times Anna Kendrick’s Twitter Was A Goddamn Gift To The Internet

    "If you call me on the phone, I don't want to talk to you."

    1. When she ditched the sweats:

    2. When she broke down her grief cycle:

    3. When she asked the most important question:

    4. When she said what we all think daily:

    Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @AnnaKendrick47

    5. When she went along with this convo anyway:

    6. And then adjusted her face accordingly:

    7. When she let it all grow freely:

    8. When she pinned her time away:

    9. When she rehearsed the most memorable script of all time:

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @AnnaKendrick47

    10. When she was living her best life:

    11. When she dreamed a dream:

    12. When she had her priorities in order:

    13. When she celebrated the small stuff:

    Republic / Via Twitter: @AnnaKendrick47

    14. When she acknowledged booze o'clock:

    15. When she was over it:

    16. When she saw her evil ways:

    17. When she let people know the truth:

    Astrid Stawiarz / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @AnnaKendrick47

    18. When she held onto a real treasure:

    19. When she wished everyone a merry, murderous Christmas:

    20. When she put her bad habit on blast:

    21. When she desired a secret of her own:

    22. When she longed for a cake for one:

    23. And finally, when justice called:

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images / Via Twitter: @AnnaKendrick47

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