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    18 People Who Took Their Quarantine Meals To An Unnecessarily Extra Level

    Looks like cheese is the official quarantine food.

    1. This person who clearly loves cheese:

    u/giraff-able / Via

    2. This person who created an adorable snack with baby corn:

    u/Crrcc / Via

    3. This person who hopefully used an egg-less recipe:

    u/TheHighway / Via

    4. This person who took some beef steaks up a notch:

    u/AllMightyLlama / Via

    5. This person who...tried:

    u/noconn36 / Via

    6. This person who created a delicious monster:

    u/FrostyFreezy / Via

    7. This person who might have just tapped into a genius idea:

    u/Puzzled-Juggernaut / Via

    8. This person who created a waffle hot dog which...I'm not mad at:

    u/haidret / Via

    9. This person who knew this was controversial:

    u/FakeBenson / Via

    10. This person who should've turned that bread into garlic bread:

    u/_Pigdog / Via

    11. This person who broke all the hot dog rules:

    u/shadyypineapple / Via

    12. This person who basically also put peanut butter on their pizza:

    u/moondemon45 / Via

    13. This person who should be put in prison:

    u/bigspanky211 / Via

    14. This person who just made me VERY hungry:

    u/hiimirony / Via

    15. This person who made some choices they must now live with:

    u/sexyankles / Via

    16. This person who totally made a mess when eating this:

    u/Agent_Waffle / Via

    17. This person who put together every grocery item they had left:

    u/AniFaulscabek / Via

    18. And finally, this person's heart-stopping (literally) creation:

    u/Connor-Radept / Via

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