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    17 Pit Bulls Who Aren't The Bullies People Claim They Are

    If you're adopting, consider giving a pit bull a home.

    1. This pit bull who definitely is still a lap dog:

    u/hamiltoneitdown / Via

    2. This pit bull who was either showing off or trying to share:

    u/GallowBoob / Via

    3. This pit bull who found their forever home:

    u/duuuhhh98 / Via

    4. This pit bull who wishes they were part penguin:

    u/nadiamamacita / Via

    5. This pit bull who made a feline friend:

    u/lunalainxx / Via

    6. And this pit bull who shows her love by being an adorable cat bully:

    u/bottlefed97 / Via

    7. This pit bull who deserves every bit of love in the world:

    u/orkenbjorken / Via

    8. This pit bull who got into a viscous fight:

    u/asadqayyum53 / Via

    9. This pit bull who's gotten accustomed to the good life:

    u/sh1994b / Via

    10. This pit bull who was just making sure work was getting done:

    u/crownoforion / Via

    11. This pit bull who pretended to listen, even if the headphones aren't quite where they need to be:

    u/Hannah0714 / Via

    12. This pit bull who refused to leave his best bud behind:

    u/ashsaupp / Via

    13. This pit bull who turned one year older:

    @teddy_dear_ @ashleanin since a lot of people seem to think bully breeds are vicious and aggressive they aren’t. this is kai and she is one of the sweetest dogs i’ve ever had in my life.

    14. This pit bull who just wanted friends to cuddle with:

    u/jab2face / Via

    15. This pit bull who saw the bait and took it:

    16. This pit bull who should be on runways:

    u/noshadsi / Via

    17. And finally, this pit bull who's always there when they're needed most:

    u/pward1 / Via

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