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    Photos Of Pit Bulls With Kids That You’ll Have To Send To Your Friend That’s Scared Of Them

    Cues Harry Nilsson's "Best Friend."

    1. Look at these two intently watching something on the phone.

    2. Or these two all tuckered out on the couch.

    3. And this kid literally taking a nap on top of his canine friend.

    4. But this picture is the epitome of a Kodak moment.

    5. Warning: the yawning in this photo is contagious...

    6. ...especially in this one.

    7. But before you nod off, take a look at this group...jumping around and getting along.

    8. Or this baby using a dog as leverage, but getting rolled over in the process.

    9. Now you can just ~feel~ the excitement in this one.

    10. But nothing tops the excitement of ~this~ pups face though.

    11. Can you look at these two and tell me your heart isn't melting?

    12. Well, this pit looks like it's more standing guard than sitting to take a photo.

    13. But the way these three are all trying to take a nap on the same bed is extremely heartwarming.

    14. It's hard not to smile at the PDA between this kid and pup.

    15. And somebody must have a treat off camera for both of these two.

    16. Finally, look at these two who are looking surprisingly cozy on the rocks.