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19 Wives Who Are Doing This Doing This Whole Marriage Thing Right

"Did you marry me as a friend, or like, a wife? Unclear."

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1. When you just want a little attention:

2. When you bring out your inner scam artist:

3. When you become Snow White:

kuffwin / Via

4. When you love everything about your partner:

Twitter: @DontWorryBoutB

"I love you for your heart and personality, but that dick sure is a bonus."

5. When you just want some clarification:

ashleypohlfit / Via

6. When you leave your mark on the coffee machine:

xspacemonkey85x / Via

7. When the buzz brings out your best self:

8. When the tears can't stop flowing:

TechnicallyRon / Via

9. When you nudge your S.O. in the right direction:

bmwhd / Via

10. When you resort to the same arguments:

11. When the munchies creep up on you:

thefatdinosaur / Via

12. When you ask the real questions:

13. When you fix a mean meal:

klfavors / Via

14. When you let 'em know that they can't have it all:

15. When you've got jokes:

16. When you're lookin' for a bit of drama:

sparklyhippiesoul / Via

17. When you rope others into your schemes:

18. When you want to get away from the world:

shes_ita_esco / Via

19. And finally, when you spice up the relationship:

chef_lashawna / Via

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