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    These Cute Penguins Hopped Down Some Stairs And People Can't Handle It

    I'm 100% here for this penguin renaissance.

    In case you missed my VIP (Very Important Penguin) reporting yesterday, penguins are one of the few things bringing us joy during these hard times. These specific ones were able to take a stroll around an empty Chicago aquarium.

    And as it turns out, the penguin renaissance (luckily) doesn't end there.


    People on Twitter have started to recirculate this clip from January, in which some adorable penguins are seen hopping down some stairs in South Africa's Two Oceans Aquarium.

    We know what you’re thinking: “It’s two weeks into 2020 and the Aquarium hasn’t shared a video of penguins on stairs!!!”🐧 Well, here you go. Thanks for the adorable video @claudielayton/IG 📹 #cute

    The clip was originally taken by @claudielayton with the caption, "Just taking some penguins for a walk..."

    According to the aquarium's Facebook page, these little black and white beauties, who are known as rockhopper penguins, were waddling down from the aquarium roof, where they dive into the kelp forest exhibit for some exercise. In this video below, they're shown hopping up. So talented.

    Facebook: video.php

    Needless to say, people were thrilled to see all this adorableness on their feeds.

    close your eyes. imagine how you think a penguin walks down stairs. wrong. it’s better than that

    Retweeting this because we all need something anti-virus right now. So here are penguins hopping down the stairs.

    I for one hope that this small clip has helped put some joy in your heart. We could all use some right now.