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We Tried The New PB&J Oreos And They Were Not What We Expected

"It reminds me of the taste of Pop-Tarts filling."

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Casey tasted the Oreos first and thought, "Wow, OK, I’m really into this."

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

I thought the peanut butter was going to be super overwhelming, but it’s actually the second flavor you taste. I can’t tell if this is grape or strawberry flavored jelly — and the package’s description of “jelly flavor” doesn’t solve anything — but it reminds me of the taste of Pop-Tarts filling, so I’m 100% here for it. If I had kids, I would put these in their lunch boxes and then they would love me forever because I gave them cookies. That’s how I plan on winning my kids’ respect and adoration.

Next, Pablo tried 'em out and thought the cookie was a total experience.

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

This is the first time a cookie has given me multi-layered realness! At first bite, it tastes like a raspberry cookie, but 10 seconds later, the peanut butter kicks in. What an experience! I wouldn’t say this tastes exactly like a PB&J, but I guess if I wanted a sandwich I could have just made one. It’s extremely sweet, so I couldn’t eat the entire box like I typically do, but it’s probably for the best. No amount of peanut butter or jelly will EVER top the OG Oreo, but this is a decent twist on a beloved classic.

And last, but not least, Crystal expected something totally different.

Pablo Valdivia / BuzzFeed

I was honestly expecting jelly (or something jelly-like) in this cookie — which I now realize is stupid, because clearly it’s all creme as you can see on the packaging. That said, IDK what “kind” of jelly this is supposed to be, but I’d lean more towards grape (rather than my favorite strawberry). The jelly flavor reminded me of like grape-flavored bubble gum, and the peanut butter…well that was just good, because…HELLO, peanut butter.

Overall we feel like PB&J Oreos are definitely worth trying for yourself!

Crystal Ro / BuzzFeed

Casey: I just finished eating my fourth cookie, and my stomach hurts. But it was worth it.

Crystal: This is a lot sweeter than a normal Oreo cookie, but it’s worth a try for fun and nostalgia’s sake!

Pablo: IDK that I'd buy these for myself, but if you handed them to me, I would inhale 'em.