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    17 People Who Shopped Online And Then Immediately Regretted It

    Sometimes a fail can turn into a fashion win. Sometimes.

    1. This person who got conned:

    2. This person who is still looking for the other half of their dress:

    3. This person who recevied a DIY gone bad:

    4. This person who discovered that DHL exists in space:

    5. This person who, honestly, received an equally badass hat:

    6. This person who at least had his next Halloween costume ready:

    so i ordered this hoping to look like him but i really just look like a gay priest. just thought i’d share in case you’re in need of a good laugh

    7. This person who found a sweater that showed off every single one of those abs:

    8. This person who got a human-sized pillow case:

    so, I thought I ordered this really cute wifey nightgown but this is what I got instead. Lol just don't buy anything online.

    9. This person who redefined having two left feet:

    10. This person who bought some sick sunglasses...for an American Girl doll:

    Can't get over this😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀

    11. This person who served up some toilet paper realness:

    12. This person who at least has good taste:

    13. This person whose killer koalas turned out to be a little less frightening:

    14. This person who got what appears to be a very comfortable blanket-sweater:

    The Very Rare Occasion when the plus size item you ordered online is way bigger than expected

    15. This person who invented a new way to use leggings:

    16. This person who tried on their new and improved Yeezys:

    17. And finally, this person who got the prom dress of her nightmares:

    H/T: /r/ExpectationVsReality