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    21 People Who Experienced What Seem Like "One In A Million" Moments

    There's Doritos and then there's ~forbidden~ Doritos.

    1. This person who discovered that the pot of gold is actually just a rural road:

    2. This person who got free snacks for life:

    3. This person who must have left that milkshake sitting there for TOO LONG:

    4. This person who found some historical trash:

    5. This person who discovered that golf balls are no match for mother nature:

    6. This person whose frame broke in the best way possible:

    7. This person who could have been killed by the very thing that's supposed to protect them:

    8. This person who was seeing triple:

    9. This person who got the forbidden Dorito:

    10. This person who at least didn't have to pick up broken glass:

    11. This person who's got the same great taste as their grandma:

    12. This person who found their long-lost brother from another mother:

    13. This person who needs to play the lottery with the numbers 2 and 11 in their lineup:

    14. This person who got an extra-cheesy chunk:

    15. This person who discovered that their bowl doubles as an arsonist:

    16. This person who witnessed a chair creating art:

    17. This person who got a guitar pick with an iStock photo logo on it:

    18. This person who got a private plane unexpectedly:

    19. This person who got their own real-life version of Mario Kart:

    20. These people who found a literal washed-up Air Force drone:

    21. And finally, this person who apparently bought an indestructible balloon:

    H/T: r/mildlyinteresting