15 Santa Decorations That Are Just Plain Bad Or Weirdly Sexual

    They put the "Oh..." in "Ho Ho Ho."

    1. This Santa who has an extra-special surprise in his bag:

    2. This Santa who just wants to be filled up...with air:

    3. And this Santa who's excited to see you:

    4. This Santa who's had a longggg December:

    5. This Santa who will "stop 23 in days":

    6. This Santa who grows more powerful by the day:

    7. This Santa who showed us how elves are born:

    8. This Santa who was displayed in the most unfortunate way:

    9. This Santa who needs to go back to the drawing board:

    10. This Santa who wanted to stand out from the rest:

    11. This Santa who's got murder on the mind:

    12. This Santa who can apparently be worn in many different ways:

    13. This Santa who's always got his eye on you:

    14. This Santa who should reconsider coming out from behind that tree:

    15. And finally, this Santa who has the ultimate surprise:

    H/T: r/CrappyDesign