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    "Minari" Star Alan Kim Reacting To A Message From Sonic The Hedgehog Is Too Cute For Words

    Mood? Boosted!

    If you haven't already heard about or seen Minari, I advise that you please do because it's truly a work of art.

    Jacob in Minari saying, "We said we wanted a new start"

    The film, which was written and directed by Lee Isaac Chung, tells the story of a Korean American family in the '80s who move to a rural Arkansas town in search of the American dream.

    The family in Minari standing as new members of their church

    It's gotten a ton of Oscar buzz and stars big names like Steven Yeun, Han Ye-ri, Youn Yuh-jung, and Noel Kate Cho. But one actor in particular stole every scene he was in, and that's 8-year-old Alan Kim.

    Alan plays David in the film, and much like his character, he's got a whole lot of personality. Here he is dressed as a cowboy and dabbing while promoting the film early last year.

    The cast of Minari on a couch looking at Alan dabbing

    Recently, Alan gave an interview to W Magazine, and when asked who his favorite actor was, he naturally said Sonic the Hedgehog. Good choice. He also loves "Macaroon 5," which NEEDS to be Maroon 5's new name from now on.

    .@MinariMovie 8-year-old star Alan Kim in conversation with @wmag

    Ben Schwartz — who voiced Sonic in the 2020 film — heard about this and wanted to make sure Alan knew just how appreciative he was.

    @A24 @MinariMovie @wmag Sonic would love to send Alan a voice note, if there's a good place to send that to.

    Twitter: @rejectedjokes

    And so today, Alan finally got to hear from his hero. Seeing his joy gave me the instant boost of serotonin I needed.

    Update: Alan woke from his nap to a special surprise from Sonic himself. @rejectedjokes

    Needless to say, I wasn't the only one who was overjoyed while watching this:

    @A24 @rejectedjokes This is the cutest thing omg 🥺

    he must be protected at all costs 🥰

    Twitter: @randomfurlong

    The amount of serotonin this brought me he's too precious pls

    Twitter: @GagasCardellini

    Even Sonic himself loved the video:

    Update: I woke from my nap to this adorable video.

    Twitter: @rejectedjokes

    Keep on shining, Alan! ✨

    Twitter: @A24