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23 Memes That Are Too Real For Everyone Who Grew Up In A Mexican Family

For those who tragically missed the paletero.

1. When your mom called you fat but you just couldn't resist the meal right in front of you.

2. When even the most severe injuries could be cured by the sobador.

3. When there was no such thing as a vacation.

4. When you saw your life flash before your eyes as you saw the first crack in your mazapán.

5. When you tried not to drown in frosting every time your birthday rolled around.

6. When seeing a doctor was unnecessary because there was a bottle of Vick's around.

7. When your parent's idea of a good time meant staying home and cleaning the house.

8. When you really couldn't believe it was butter...because it really wasn't.

9. When being interrogated by police sounded like a much nicer idea than being interrogated by your mom.

#youknowyouremexicanwhen this happens #mexicanproblems #mexicanparents

10. When you over heard your mom telling your tía that you'd love to be the chambelan de honor.

11. And when you had to practice each dance in someone's driveway or backyard.

12. When naming each relative was basically an impossible task.

13. When you realized your true soulmate wasn't even your significant other.

14. When your parents let you know just how annoying you were.

15. When your family taught you a valuable life skill before you could even say your own name.

16. When your mail wasn't really your mail as long as it arrived at your parent's house.

My mom's opened all of my in-laws (sisters, brother, parents) presents. Thankfully they aren't wrapped. #mexicanprobz

17. When you ended up eating tamales for every meal following every major holiday.

18. When you knew to shut up when Walter Mercado was speaking OR ELSE...

19. When even your screams were ignored by the man you loved most.

20. When your abuelo or abuela couldn't understand the habits of today's youths.

21. When even your sibling's baptism had a lifetime supply of beer.

22. When your newborn cousin owned more jewelry than you ever will.

#mexicanproblemsnight omfg this is so accurate

23. And finally, when the piñata broke and your backyard turned into a deadly battle ground.

Some dude punched me cuz I got the candy he wanted #pinata #mexicanprobs