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    People Are Thirsting Over The Mandalorian Despite Never Seeing His Face

    There's no other daddy I'd rather have!

    If you've (rightfully) fallen under baby Yoda's spell, then chances are you've fallen for the Mandalorian as well.

    And how could you not? Underneath all that armor is none other than actor Pedro Pascal, who is as handsome as they come.

    If you've seen even just one episode of the show, then you know that his character has yet to take off his helmet in front of us or others.

    But, despite 99.9% of his body and face being covered, people's (and by people I mean me) thirst for him just can't be contained:

    how does Pedro Pascal still look hot with every square inch of his body covered up

    me disguising myself as baby yoda so the mandalorian will let me sit on his lap

    how do I get a bounty on my head so large that Pedro pascal will come and murder me

    Some just want him to show his face already for obvious reasons:

    casting Pedro Pascal as a person who never removes a full helmet is honestly... irresponsible

    But beyond good looks, Pedro has managed to exude every bit of sex appeal with what little he has to work with. First off, let's start with his voice.

    Me after every episode of The Mandalorian listening to Pedro Pascal’s voice 😂😂😂

    That muffled/modulated voice is SO easy on the ears.

    pedro pascal adam driver 🤝 making me horny with their modulated voices

    If marrying a voice were possible, this would be the one!

    is it possible to have a crush on someone’s voice? because pedro pascal...

    Next is his impeccable fathering to our collective child, baby Yoda.

    I tuned into the Mandalorian for the space wizard fighting and got a stern but loving single dad trying his best.

    Our beloved Mandalorian continues to put his life on the line for his lil' space alien, and that alone is hubby material.

    The Mandalorian: We’ve located the bounty The Mandalorian: *sees Baby Yoda* IG-11: We must eliminate it— The Mandalorian: wow excuse me how dare you that’s my kid

    There's no other daddy I'd rather have!

    I love the Mandalorian because he sees this baby and instantly becomes protective of him. Nothing sexier than a daddy, amirite?

    Moving onto his overall energy and swag.

    Three seconds in I’m attracted to the Mandalorian who has no face or body only a cape and an energy.

    He exudes every bit of confidence and bravado with every step.

    @sithreylos glad to know i’m not the only one who finds the mandalorian to be hot we ain’t even seen his face but his attitude his energy 🥵

    And I can't fully explain how I can feel it through a screen, but I'm taking it all in.

    the mandalorian walking into that cantina in brand new armour

    And lastly, all of these traits couldn't exist if weren't for Pedro's impressive performance.

    k but can we just talk about pedro’s acting in this scene???? his body language (stiff movements, hanging his head slightly) and his voice (stuttering) but ESPECIALLY when she says “wouldn’t that be nice?” and mando replies with “it would” it sounds like he’s choking back TEARS

    The dude has literally not shown his face once, but his voice, body language, and actions allow us to feel every bit of the Mandalorian's spirit.

    How the hell does Pedro pascal emote like that in a helmet and armor

    There's nothing he can't do, truly.

    Can we talk about how good Pedro Pascal is doing?! I feel like you are always in tune with the Mandalorian’s emotions, even with all the armor and no reliance on facial expressions. His chemistry with all the characters is completely different.

    Our beloved Pedro himself has even taken all this thirst in stride.

    I’ma getchu.

    Now excuse me while he and I go live out our lives in some remote village somewhere.

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