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    Macaulay Culkin Is 40 Years Old Today And He Wants You To Know It

    As it turns out, time doesn't stand still.

    You know Macaulay Culkin. If not, you at least know his most famous facial expression.

    Kevin screaming into a mirror in Home Alone
    Twentieth Century Fox Film

    He's a formerly beloved child star of the '90s and current beloved actor of the '20s.

    Macaulay Culking smiling on a red carpet
    Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

    But given that time exists and people do, in fact, age, Macaulay Culkin would like to remind you all that today is his 40th birthday.

    Hey guys, wanna feel old? I'm 40. You're welcome.

    And while 40 is by no means old, it definitely makes you feel like decades just flew by, given that Home Alone came out 30 years ago!

    Macaulay drinking a soda as a kid
    Malcolm Clarke / AP Images

    By the looks of it, people aren't too pleased with Macaulay's little reminder:

    Stop it! 😩


    @IncredibleCulk Me trying to do the math to figure out how this is possible

    And now that's he's entered a new decade of his life, he's thinking of picking up some new midlife crisis hobbies to get him by.

    Since I'm 40 I think it's about time to start my midlife crisis. I'm thinking of picking up surfing. Do you all have any suggestions?

    Happy birthday Macaulay!

    20th Century Fox

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