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15 Insanely Clever Lotería Costumes You Can't Help But Love

Technically, we're all borrachos on Halloween.

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1. This amazing maceta who's befriended a chalupa:

joyalvarado12 / Via

2. And this musico who also found his lovely chalupa:

erickthemusician / Via

3. This Latino Charlie's Angels:

jesseechev / Via

4. This catrin who likes a bit of body paint:

Instagram: @beboldboudoir

5. This chalupa who's rowing away from the haters:

emo_extremo / Via

6. This valiente who's packin' some heat:

7. This dama who's pipiris nice:

samsosa26 / Via

8. This borracho who's the life of the party:

og_goro / Via

9. This high-fashion duo:

edercachimba / Via

10. These three who put their painting skills to WERK:

mercadomaruart / Via

11. This unlikely duo who can strike a pose:

@stephmga / Via Instagram: @stephmga

12. These co-workers who deserve all the awards:

commercelibrary / Via

13. This murderous diablo and muerte:

shut_da_front_door / Via

14. This train made entirely of Lotería cards:

yd_nani / Via

15. And finally, this family who undoubtedly wins Halloween:

claclia / Via

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