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Posted on Dec 21, 2017

Cardi B Left Jimmy Fallon Speechless And Explained How Her Name Came To Be

Fun fact: Her real name is Belcalis Almanzar.

If for some weird reason you don't already know who Cardi B is, she's a Grammy-nominated rapper with a personality of gold.

Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images

Last night, she stopped by The Tonight Show and aside from leaving Jimmy Fallon speechless, she explained how the name "Cardi B" came to be:

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Cardi first mentioned how her younger sister is named Hennessy:

NBC / Via

And because of this, her friends used to call her Bacardi. So she ran with it, and changed her Instagram handle accordingly:

NBC / Via

But because Bacardi is, you know, a brand, she thinks they took issue with it:

NBC / Via

And thus, a new star was born:

NBC / Via

The more you know. 💫

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