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Jafar In The Live-Action "Aladdin" Is So Hot That He's Got People Rooting For Evil

"How am I supposed to root for Aladdin when Jafar looking like this?"

As you've probably seen by now, Entertainment Weekly just unveiled new photos from Disney's upcoming live-action Aladdin.

But most importantly, they showed us just how INCREDIBLY FINE Marwan Kenzari, AKA Jafar, looks in the villainous role.

Now, this isn't the first time our thirst got the best of us. We've been in the know since we first learned he was cast in the film last year...

Disney just cast this actor, Marwan Kenzari, as Jafar in the live-action Aladdin, which I...uh...that was I saying?

...but this new photo has just reignited people's (very horny) flame:

Jasmine is going to pick Aladdin over Jafar?

Some are taking the sexy side of evil:

Y’all expect me to root for Aladdin when Jafar our here looking like a full balanced meal with desert on the side. Y’all playing.

@chhewie How am I suppose to root for Aladdin when Jafar looking like this?

While others know exactly what they'd do if they were in Jasmine's shoes:

In the cartoon movie, it was believable that Princess Jasmine chose Aladdin, because Jafar was looking like a skeleton with a painted on beard. Now we gonna be like wayment Jasmine you might wanna reconsider cuz Jafar is FOINE!!!

Hot Jafar could show me a quarter of a nipple and I'd kick Aladdin off that magic carpet so hard by the time he hit the ground I'd be in another time zone.

Remember that scene in Aladdin where jasmine has to pretend to be into Jafar so he doesn’t notice Aladdin? ... I don’t think she’ll have to pretend

Jafar: “YOU WILL MARRY ME PRINCESS!” Jasmine: “I am...totally okay with that.”

People really aren't holding back:

In conclusion, #TeamJafar. 🔥