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    Jack Black Did The "WAP" Challenge In A Red Speedo And It Was Impressive

    He isn't just hardcore, he lives it.

    Since the summer of 2020 was ruled by "WAP," I fully expect that you already know what the acronym stands for. If not, google it.

    Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion in the music video for "WAP"

    And since the '00s were ruled by Jack Black, then I also assume you've seen him in films like School of Rock, Nacho Libre, King Kong, The Holiday, among many more.

    Jack Black in Nacho Libre

    Well, since 2020 continues to be unpredictable, here's one role I bet you never thought you'd see Jack in: dancing to "WAP" in a red speedo while being drenched by a hose. Looks like summer is making a comeback.

    While the "WAP" challenge was at its peak a few months ago on TikTok (and came with some injuries), Jack took some creative liberties with it, and you know what? He did a whole lot better than I'd be able to.

    Jack getting sprayed with a hose

    A sex symbol in the making!

    Jack laying on some wet concrete

    Twitter quickly got a hold of the video, and the influx of thoughts began:

    im sorry my lord and savior jack black is trending because he did the FUCKING WAP

    Some just enjoyed the vid for its entertainment value:

    Jack Black doing the wap on tiktok just made my entire life lmfaoo

    While others made their thirst known:

    jack black is hot and I'm tired of pretending he isn't

    Jack Black is extremely sexy; horny on main 2nite

    Jack Black could entirely get it.

    This isn't the first time Jack has blessed TikTok with his dancing. His very first video was of him havin' some fun in a cowboy hat, boots, and not much else.

    Thank you for the glimmer of joy we needed, sir. That concrete will never be the same again.

    Jack on all fours while getting sprayed by a hose