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    This TikTok Of Jack Black Dancing Is — And I Cannot Stress This Enough — Absolutely Bonkers

    Ask me how many times I've watched it.

    Right now, while everyone's socially distancing and self-isolating in their homes, more and more people have decided to join TikTok.

    @joejonas /, @billnye /

    There are a bunch of celebs, trainers, and even parents are joining the TikTok ~fun~.

    But one celebrity in particular has joined and rocked everyone's world...


    *Drum roll, please.*

    And that person is Jack Black.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    You might know him from his plethora of iconic roles in movies like School of Rock, High Fidelity, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny, The Holiday, and of course, Nacho Libre.


    But he recently made the leap to TikTok and posted this shirtless dancing video that he's entitled "Quarantine Dance":

    And it's really something.

    @jackblack /

    He kicks.

    @jackblack /

    He spins.

    @jackblack /

    He does this.

    @jackblack /

    And he finishes it off with a fun little tongue to the camera.

    @jackblack /

    Needless to say, people are going W-I-L-D over it:

    Coronavirus silver-linings: Jack Black is now on Tik Tok...

    jack black is the only celebrity tik tok i’ll ever gaf about

    I will be watching the Jack Black Tik Tok on a continuous loop today.

    He is a gazelle in a time of lions. Bless Jack Black.

    So thank you, Jack Black, for gracing us with your swift moves and gazelle-like grace. We (and I mean me) cannot get enough of it!!!!!!