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People Are Not Happy About The "Frozen" Short That Plays Before "Coco"

"Nobody asked for that."

If you weren't too busy stuffing your face over Thanksgiving weekend, chances are you saw Coco.

And if you saw Coco, you definitely saw the Frozen short that plays before it, Olaf's Frozen Adventure.

Needless to say, people had A LOT of feelings about the 21-minute-long short:

Sometimes I wake up covered in sweat and screaming, filled with the horrifying certainty that I’m STILL watching th…

People were confused, angry, and downright distressed by it:

The seemingly endless, deeply mediocre Frozen 'short' they force you watch before CoCo is a hate crime

Is there an option to watch coco without the frozen movie??? @Disney just couldn’t let brown people have their moment 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m going to say it, since no one else will. The Frozen short in front of Coco is a giant piece of frozen shit. Olo…

Me, watching the six-hour Frozen "short" that played before Coco.

making us endure Olaf's Frozen Adventure to get to Coco is a metaphor for the Mexican American experience I just haven't figured out how yet

My 8-year old nephew, after the excruciating 20 minute Frozen short in front of Coco: “Nobody asked for that”

Some theaters in US have gone as far as to warn moviegoers about the short:

First time I saw Coco on Wed, the theater I went to actually put up a sign to notify us of the 22-minute Frozen sho…

LOL the theater has signs up warning people the FROZEN Short before COCO is 21 mins

It ended up being so controversial that one of Mexico's largest theatre chains actually stopped showing it.

Ese momento en el que #COCOlapelícula nos robo el corazón... A partir de hoy disfruta la versión sin corto >…

"That moment #COCOthemovie stole our hearts... Starting today, enjoy the version without the short."

But despite the backlash, some people didn't seem to mind it:

As a "Frozen" (and specifically Olaf) stan, I'll have to respectfully disagree with this dique popular opinion. I W…

I didn’t know that people didn’t like the frozen short before coco?????? Idk man I loved it, I saw coco 2 times in…