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19 Moments Every Colorblind Person Has Experienced

"One fish, two fish, red fish, I THINK that's a blue fish?"

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1. When you took this test and realized that life would never be the same again.

"Is that a 7, 49, a spaceship?"

2. When you told people you were colorblind and they questioned you as if you didn't have eyes.

@SterlingBristow really funny #colorblindproblems

"What color is my shirt? That curtain? My hair? That cat?"

3. When you had to explain to everyone that you are in fact not a human with dog eyes.

The world doesn't look like a classic film.

4. When you looked to labels to save you and found that color is far more fucked up than you ever imagined.

"What is that?! Blue?! Purple?! THAT'S NOT A COLOR."


5. When you had to get real creative when it came to identifying fruit...

Nothing like biting into a nice, juicy lemon.

6. ...or just about every other colored object.

And you probably needed some help creating those labels too.

7. When you needed a second opinion before eating a fruit that (probably) wasn't ripe yet.

"If I had a penny for every green banana I've eaten..."

8. When putting together a jigsaw puzzle felt like a lost cause.

"Is this piece a patch of grass or someone's hand?"


9. When you ended St. Patrick's Day with 10 more bruises than you started with.

I think my brother wins the award for best st. Patty's day snap 😂 #colorblindproblems #lol

A holiday meant to ruin all colorblind people everywhere.

10. When you would have preferred to just leave your walls chipped rather than risk painting them the wrong color.

"I love your red walls!"

"Red? They're a nice forest green."

"No. That's red. Your living room is bright red."

11. When you mistakenly ate the worst possible flavor of a color-coated candy.

Gotta love those sizzling cinnamon jelly beans.

12. When hooking up any sort of technology felt like you were diffusing a bomb each time.

"Why does your TV have no sound?"

"Don't question it."


13. When you preferred to stay uninformed than try and decipher a pie chart.

Pie was never meant to be this aggravating.

14. When you hoped to God that you were brushing your teeth with your own toothbrush every time.

One of these tooth brushes is mine. I've had to ask someone which one every time this week #colorblindproblems

"I hope to GOD I'm not using my sister's toothbrush."

15. When you thought you had figured the Rubik's Cube out until someone came and crushed that dream.


16. When you felt like you were missing out because the world liked to hide behind colored font.

Only the color-seeing folk can get the good stuff!


17. When you were at risk of failing because even your homework turned against you.

An F for eFFort.

18. When matching clothes required a team of color experts, also known as all your friends.

Our outfits are just that much more creative.

19. And finally, when you didn't argue about the colors of the dress because you saw something they never did.

Green and gray, right?