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18 Insanely Useful Skills You'll Only Master If You Stay Up Late

It takes skill to be this tired.

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1. Setting a million different alarms that you'll probably sleep through.

2. And counting every single hour of sleep you'll get if you just went to bed "right this minute."

3. Regaining all the energy you DIDN'T have during the day...

4. ...and putting it to creative use.

5. Telling yourself you'll go to bed right this second and then spending hours on your cell phone.

6. Texting and calling friends who are obviously very asleep.

Kirsten King / BuzzFeed

7. Memorizing the hours of every late-night store/restaurant/coffee shop in your city.

8. Eating every carb in sight...and then some.

9. Watching an entire season and a half of a show in one sitting.

chessii_b / Via

10. Channeling your inner ninja and stealthily moving around so that no one else wakes up.


11. Catching the sunrise and knowing you royally fucked up.

12. Uncontrollably sobbing when your alarms go off five minutes after you fall asleep.

13. Having the ability to nap pretty much anywhere and at any time.

seminario_skyler / Via

14. Drinking gallons of coffee just to seem like a normal functioning human.

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15. Lying to yourself when you say you'll "go to bed early" for once.

16. Avoiding everyone else's judgment of your sleep preferences.


17. Keeping this position all night long without moving.

18. And finally, staying up late is the greatest and most powerful skill of all!


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